FIA organized a meet and greet with Sam Joshi who has been running for the mayor’s election in Edison.

On October 1st 2021, the Federation of Indian Association held a meet and greet with Mr. Sam Joshi at Edison, NJ. The main agenda about the meet was to discuss about the upcoming elections and to discuss about the campaigns for the same. Mr. Joshi touched on few points which he is taking to take immediate action on if he gets elected. As Mr. Joshi grew up in the same neighbourhood, he if very much aware of the problems faced by the citizens and what is the scope of development in the area. After the pandemic hit, Edison has faced a lot of issues related to the economy. The biggest issue which the neighbourhood faces is of unnecessary development happening and hindering the community. He also talked about making the Edison town more safe and secure for the people residing in the community. He will be looking into the matter of reducing the local truck traffic in the residential neighbourhood. He will work on developing a strategy to get cheaper, faster internet for the people and to implement municipal broadband so that it is faster and cheaper for the citizens residing in the neighbourhood. To look into reducing the tax burden on the citizens. He wants to connect to the people on one-to-one basis. He talks about forming a committee for the Master Plan to develop Edison. The committee will directly hear from the people od Edison on what are the changes they need in the town and what are the new opportunities they need. He also emphasized on improving the infrastructure of the roads by having an in-house team for the same. The team will look onto to the matters of potholes and damaged roads as soon as possible.

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