FIA, in association with Seema Singh, Esq., supported the event. The publication, named metaphorically “Snakes in the Ganga” by the New Jerseybased renowned indologist Rajiv Malhotra and Vijaya Vishwanathan, narrates issues that impact India and the Indianorigin community globally.

Present at the occasion were author Rajiv Malhotra, FIA Executive & IAAC President Anil Bansal, FIA Chairman Ankur Vaidya, and Seema Singh – renowned attorney and a longtime friend of the author Rajiv Malhotra.

Seema Singh in her opening statement thanked FIA and Infinity Foundation for the event and said the book unveils uncomfortable truths about India’s vulnerabilities and, in brief, tries to highlight the intense warfare against India’s Integrity.

Rajiv Malhotra remarked that this book launch is a one-of-a-kind event since this is the very first time that a book launch is held for him in his native state of New Jersey, where he has been living for the last 30 years. In his speech, he drew a parallel with Donald Rumsfeld’s famous statement of ‘Unknown – Unknown’ and that is what he has tried to bring out in the book. He has metaphorically used ‘Snakes’ to categorize those who are methodically rolling out a venomous agenda to weaken the fabric of India and Indian heritage. He has made efforts to bring about a paradigm shift in the prevalent narrative wherein the ultra-rich are subconsciously and unknowingly funding agendas and efforts to undermine the fabric of the motherland, India, and its rich and ancient heritage.

The co-author of the book Vijaya Vishwanathan joined through a phone line and lamented the facts shared by Rajiv Malhotra. She expressed the selfless nature of the effort and the sacrifices that have been made by Rajiv Malhotra with the sole objective of achieving this very unique form of community service that has been immensely difficult, expensive and can potentially be dangerous.

Anil Bansal said that he has personally been very overwhelmed by what Rajiv Malhotra has tried to bring out in the book and was not aware that such a narrative exists. He said that as Indian Americans we should be conscious of such maligned agendas transpiring just under the surface and not be nonchalant about the fact that India’s culture and heritage have survived despite the rule of foreign powers for over a thousand years.

Ankur Vaidya expressed his pleasure on behalf of FIA to be of assistance. He appreciated the sacrifice and efforts by both authors and praised Rajiv Malhotra for sticking his neck out without fear of consequences.

Community leaders in attendance included Srujal Parikh, Alok Kumar, Dr. Avinash Gupta, Anurag Kumar, Hemant Bhatt, Peter Kothari, Nikunj Trivedi, Gulshan Chabra, Rakesh Kaul, Rajiv Malhotra, Rajiv Krishna, Rajiv Bhambri and Rahul Walia, among a host of other leaders.

Seema Singh and Srujal Parikh provided a vote of thanks. Gratitude was extended to the family members, friends, and supporters who attended the event. Rahul Walia and the team were also complimented for their support. Rahul Walia urged all the attendees to spread the word and to buy the book, read it and share it among friends and family to bring about a realistic recognition of issues that our community as a whole face.

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