The event for the celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day over a gala lunch was the first of its kind.

Around 1000 FISANA members attended the celebration on June 18 at the Royal Albert Palace.

There were a few keynote speeches by the president and chairman, community guests and music performances, award presentations, and a charity donation initiative.

President Bharat Rana introduced the host and emcee of the event, Mr. Nishil Parikh, a renowned Gujarati poet and highly literate in IT, and then welcomed Chairman Dipak Shah on stage, who addressed the gathering by wishing Happy Mother’s Day to FISANA Mothers and Happy Father’s Day to FISANA Fathers.

He said, “In events like this when the gathering has over 600 paid tickets, guests make FISANA remarkable to raise the power and inspiration to do more of these kinds of events.”

Mr. Kenny Desai, President of FIA, was called upon the stage to address the gathering, saying that “FIA is proud of joining hands with FISANA, and FIA has joined in welcoming the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji, in Washington, DC, and New York.

FIA welcomes you all to join the FIA Independence Day Parade on August 20th, 2023, on Madison Avenue, New York.”

Padmashri Dr. Sudhir Parikh was also called to the stage by Chairman Dipak Shah, who addressed the gathering, “FISANA is in the heart of seniors as one of the older and larger organizations in terms of years and members who, from time to time, enjoy various events of the community, and Parikh Media always provides the platform to do coverage in TV and print.”

Parikh Media has always extended support to the media and will continue to do so.

As a celebration of excellence and the umbrella organization of many seniors’ groups that donated with open hearts and a dedication to supporting FISANA, the event’s success was a testament to the power of giving.

A charity donation is made by groups from Edison, Woodbridge, Bridgewater, Ramilaben, Clifton, Union, Middlesex County, Dipak Shah, Dr. Mukund Thakar, Vishnu Patel, KZ Entertainment, Vipul Amin, and Vatsalya adult day care, among others.

Nishil Parikh, the host, gave a final thank-you speech to all the contributors and supporters.

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