Trenton, NJ - February 10, 2024 - FIA's Dance Pe Chance competition, held on February 10, 2024, at Patriots War Memorial Theater in Trenton, NJ, was a spectacular showcase of talent and artistic expression. Featuring contestants ranging from 6 to 60 years old, the event captivated an audience of approximately 1700 people with vibrant performances inspired by Bollywood themes and Indian culture.

The competition celebrated the rich heritage and artistic expressions of India, with performers presenting a fusion of tradition and modernity across various dance styles. From classical to contemporary, each performance left the audience mesmerized. The incorporation of Broadway-styled production values, such as a huge LED backdrop, captivating lighting, and intricate costumes, added an extra layer of grandeur and spectacle to the performances, transporting the audience into the world of dance and storytelling.

Over 700 children from 14 dance academies spread across four states enthralled the crowd of about 1700 with 27 mesmerizing performances, showcasing their talent, discipline, technique, and costumes in FIA's oldest cultural competition.

Present at the event were Chief Guest, Hon. Consul General of India, Mr. Binaya S Pradhan, Hon. Deputy Consul General Dr. Varun Jeph, Chairman of TV Asia Mr. H.R.Shah, Chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media, Dr Sudhir Parikh along with other dignitaries from the Diaspora.

Hon. CG Mr. Binaya S. Pradhan administered the oath of office bearers to the newly elected executive committee of FIA, which includes President Dr. Avinash Gupta, Executive Vice President Mr. Saurin Parikh, Vice President Ms. Smita Miki Patel, 2nd Vice President Deepak Goel, General Secretary Ms. Priti Patel, Joint Secretary Mr. Mahesh Dubal, Treasurer Mr. Sanjeev Singh, Joint Treasurer Mr. Haresh Shah and Immediate Past President, Kenny Desai.

The Hon. Consul General expressed delight and honor to be part of the event, deeming it the largest Indian cultural gathering he's attended outside India. He commended FIA's team for their dedication, eagerly anticipating FIA's upcoming Indian Independence Day celebrations. He emphasized the Consul General's commitment to bridging the gap between India and the USA and serving the Indian Diaspora 24/7.

Mr. Ankur Vaidya, FIA Chairman, extended a warm welcome to esteemed guests and expressed gratitude to FIA's entire team for their diligent efforts. He acknowledged the parents' support in nurturing their children's talents showcased at Dance Pe Chance, underscoring FIA's longstanding dedication spanning over forty years.

FIA President Dr. Avinash Gupta highlighted the competition's role in engaging youth and uniting through performing arts, fostering connections to India's cultural legacy and diverse music. He emphasized the event's significance in celebrating Indian Republic Day.

Event Chair Mr. Saurin Parikh described the event as a platform for individuals of all ages to express their passion for dance while honoring Indian traditions. He praised performing arts for its unifying capacity and ability to inspire people from varied backgrounds.

A distinguished panel of judges, including Uma Kapoor, a renowned choreographer and arts educator, Pooja Bindal, a distinguished choreographer and dance teacher, Pranaya Akula, an esteemed artistic director and founder of Pranavam School of Dance, and Mitali Das, a multifaceted marketer, choreographer, and fitness instructor, provided invaluable feedback and critiques, elevating the caliber of performances and inspiring participants to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

The event was expertly emceed by Mamta Narula, founder and CEO of Ultimate Media, alongside Rohi Singh, DPC Committee member, and Miss NJ 2018. Their seamless orchestration of the evening, marked by engaging banter and insightful commentary, added a layer of sophistication and charm to the proceedings.

The celebration concluded with the distribution of mementos, trophies, and prizes underscoring FIA's steadfast commitment to nurturing creativity and fostering collaboration among upcoming generations. Every participant, manager, and choreographer was treated to meals, certificates, a rehearsal, and a complimentary seat, courtesy of FIA and its generous sponsors. Overall, the event was a remarkable celebration of Indian culture, heritage, and artistic expression, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

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