The Federation of Indian Associations organized its third edition of “Diwali Soup Kitchen- Spreading Lights of Happiness” in Trenton, New Jersey, under the leadership of FIA Women Committee Chair and Joint. Secretary Smita Miki Patel, along with the FIA team. Nearly 1,000 meals were served during this direct outreach effort by the FIA women’s team. Smita Miki Patel stated, “I am proud to serve in this very selfless cause of curbing hunger in our communities. All of our women volunteers have not just brought the meals, but they have packed them, added additional items such as sweets and if we ran out of sweets, we added cookies to make sure a full wholesome meal is served complimentary and by doing that, we are spreading the happiness and joy that is brought by the festival of lights, Diwali, to millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists across the world. It has been my honor to lead and serve this selfless initiative by FIA along with the executive team and the board”, she said.

Diwali Soup Kitchen was initiated two years ago during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to offer free meals to tri-state soup kitchens that were in need at the time to cope with the elevated demands. FIA’s association with the Salvation Army and other official soup kitchens was to work towards curbing hunger in our communities.

Through its annual Diwali Soup Kitchen Drive, FIA is continuing to work towards the goal of serving 10,000 meals during this year’s holiday season. FIA will partner with Jaipur Foot USA Prem Bhandari, AIA-NY Harish Thakkar and AIANA Sunil Nayak for its next round of Soup Kitchen, which will occur this holiday season.

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