The voice of the country reverberates around the world as its democracy is the mostdynamic and vibrant. The world listens when India speaks

FIA-New England, together with the Indian Consulate in New York, hosted an event where the visiting Lok Sabha (LS) Speaker Mr. Om Birla addressed the Indian Diaspora on Sunday (August 28). Also present, at the event, were the Hon. Indian Ambassador Mr. Taranjit Singh Sandhu and Hon. Consul General of India, New York Mr. Randhir Jaiswal.

The event was held in the evening after Mr. Birla visited Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Speaking at the event, the Lok Sabha speaker said that the voice of the country reverberates around the world as its democracy is the most dynamic and vibrant. The world listens when India speaks.

In his interaction with the Diaspora, including the students, he shared the country’s growth story and said the Indian diaspora is held in high esteem across the world due to their work ethics and culture.

He also noted that members of the Indian diaspora have always come to the aid of their motherland, as well as their host countries, whenever called upon in times of need.

FIA-NE President Mr. Abhishek Singh thanked Mr. Om Birla and lauded the Indian Embassy and the Indian Consulates for their sensitivity towards the Indian Diaspora and their needs.

He said that FIA endeavors to be the bridge between the two vibrant democracies — USA and India. In their own way, FIA has tried to keep India shining on US soil and was happy to share that the First ever India Day Parade in Boston had 32 countries participating, which only sends a message of Global Inclusivity.

Commending the efforts of FIA-New England, the FIA Chairman Mr. Ankur Vaidya remarked that these events go a long way in strengthening the ties between the two countries and are but a continuation of FIA’s eight states’ vision and mission of enhancing bi-lateral cultural ties between our homeland and our motherland.

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