GANDHINAGAR, GUJARAT - The Federation of Indian Associations NY-NJ-CT-NE marked a significant milestone during their visit to India by collaborating with the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Bhupendra Patel, for the inauguration of FIA’s 2024 official brochure.

The meeting took place at Sachivalay, the esteemed address of the Chief Minister. In attendance were Ankur Vaidya, Chairman of the Federation of Indian Associations NYNJCTNE; Srujal Parikh, Board Member and Trustee of the FIA; and Rohit Korat of Gracia Marcom.

Chief Minister Shri Patel, lauded the substantial contributions of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Non-Resident Gujaratis (NRGs) towards the development and prosperity of India and Gujarat. He underscored the significant strides Gujarat has made in maintaining a strong economic growth trajectory.

Mr. Ankur Vaidya presented the myriad efforts, initiatives, and activities that the FIA undertakes in serving the Indian diaspora. He emphasized the organization’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and cultural heritage among the Indian diaspora.

On this occasion, Mr. Vaidya and Mr. Parikh, on behalf of FIA, conveyed their heartfelt compliments to the Chief Minister on the successful completion of the 10th biannual Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Additionally, they extended a formal invitation to Shri Patel for the 42nd Annual India Day Parade in New York City, slated for August 2024. This parade celebrated with great fervor, is renowned for being the largest India Day parade outside India, held for the past 42 years.

The event concluded with a shared sense of pride and anticipation for the continued collaboration between the FIA and the state of Gujarat in fostering cultural ties and mutual growth.

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