The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) held its annual general council meeting on December 29th, 2021. As part of the COVID protocols, the ceremony was hosted by an online video conferencing mode. The meeting started by addressing the attendees and having a presentation overview by Mr. Parveen Bansal. Later on, Mr. Anil Bansal thanked the FIA Fraternity for their support and wished the best to everyone as his presidential term comes to an end.

Mr. Kenny Desai, President-elect 2022, began with season’s greetings and shared his thoughts and ideas for the new term, followed by Abhishek Singh as he wished holiday greetings to all FIA members. Mr. Deepak Rathod and Mr. Rakesh Kavasari gave a detailed presentation on 2021 FIA-NE activities. There they spoke about all the community activities and services provided by the FIA-NE

Mr. Sanjay Gokhale talked about the vision and goals of 2022, stressing the need to form a few new committees such as health, sports, and cultural volunteer committees, as well as plans like adopting a highway. Dr. Sudhir Parekh praised FIA’s efforts and pledged his continued support to the organization. Dr. H.R. Shah wished to continue his life time support for FIA and hoped that it would grow into a nationwide organization.

Later in the meeting, Mr. Anil Bansal and Mr. Kenny Desai announced the incoming team of FIA Tri-State 2022. After which, Parveen Bansal walked the attendees through the activities and achievements of 2021.

Mr. Bipin Patel talked about and appreciated the tremendous number of successful events organized by FIA throughout the year and wished the best to the new team of 2022. Following that, Mr. Ram Gadhavi also congratulated the whole FIA team for doing so well so far and suggested getting involved in some American activities as well to get due recognition. Mr. Prabir Roy mentioned how FIA has expanded and broadened its horizons over the decades and wished FIA the best.

Mr. Ankur Vaidya thanked the FIA team and board members for their distinct contributions, roles, and responsibilities towards the success and betterment of the organization. He also discussed the changes and bylaws. In the concluding part, Mr. Amit Ringasia presented a summary of the treasurer’s report, and Mr. Parveen Bansal gave a vote of thanks to the FIA fraternity.

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