FIA held its 2nd Parade Council meeting on May 10, 2023, at Akbar Restaurant in Edison, New Jersey, along with the executive committee,comprising Dr. Avinash Gupta, Saurin Parikh, Smita Miki Patel, Haresh Shah, Mahesh Dubal, and Priti Patel.

The meeting started with a briefvideo presentation of Mission Life, the theme for this year’s India Day Parade, which symbolizes individual and collective action for protecting and conserving the environment.

Updates were given by the committee chairs on the progress so far, which included the logistics for the parade, floats, culture, and othercommittees that go on to make the India Day Parade a success.

Ankur Vaidya, Chairman-FIA Board, said that the goal is to make the India Day Parade a success story for the Indian Diaspora in the US, thus making all the Indian community proud.

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