Meet and Greet for Strengthened Global Connections and Shared Vision

New Jersey, March 29, 2024 - The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) proudly welcomed Dr. Vijay Jolly, a distinguished Global Bharat Brand Ambassador, Ex-Global Convenor OFBJP, Former Legislator, and President of Delhi Study Group, to an exclusive dinner hosted in his honor. Dr. Jolly is on a multi-nation tour, advocating for people-to-people friendships with Bharat worldwide.

The event in New Jersey witnessed a gathering of esteemed dignitaries who warmly welcomed Dr. Jolly. As a diplomat and community leader, he has spearheaded numerous initiatives to foster closer ties by organizing high-profile events, conferences, and cultural festivals promoting cross-cultural exchanges. His political representation has amplified the voice of the global Indian community, advocating for their rights and interests on various platforms.

The dinner, graciously hosted by FIA President Dr. Avinash Gupta, was a platform to express gratitude for Dr. Jolly's significant contributions to strengthening the ties between India and the global diaspora.

During the evening, Dr. Jolly presented FIA with a replica of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, symbolizing the organization's unwavering commitment to preserving Indian culture and heritage in the United States. He commended FIA for its remarkable efforts in this regard.

Dr. Gupta provided a comprehensive overview of FIA's extensive activities throughout the year, highlighting the organization's dedication to serving the Indian-American community and promoting cultural exchange. Dr. Gupta emphasized that the success of FIA's endeavors was made possible by the visionary leadership of its dynamic chairman and the relentless dedication of the hardworking executive committee members.

The event was attended by esteemed FIA's Board of Trustees members, including Mr. Srujal Parikh, Mr. Anand Patel, and all Executive Committee members. The Federation of Indian Associations thanked Dr. Vijay Jolly for gracing the occasion and reaffirming its commitment to fostering strong bonds between India and its global diaspora.

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