The Consulate recently organized an event that brought together community leaders from seven northeast states to facilitate a meet-and-greet and welcome the newly-appointed Consul General, Binaya Srikanta Pradhan. Dr. Avinash Gupta, President of the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), welcomed the Consul General on behalf of the Chairman, the Board of Trustees, and the Executive Committee. Dr. Gupta highlighted FIA's contributions, including the famous India Day Parade in New York City, the largest India Day Parade outside India, and other events such as the Republic Day and International Women's Day celebrations, Gujarat Maharashtra Day, Flag hoisting at Times Square, Cultural Festival at Times Square, and the Diwali Soup Kitchen.

Dr. Gupta made two specific requests to the Consul General. Firstly, he requested that the Consul General devise a formula to empower the Indian diaspora, given their large population and financial resources, to ensure visible progress that benefits the local community. Secondly, he noted that the bulk of the Indian community resides in New Jersey and that the Consulate's focus should be broader, to this end, the Consulate should address the large New Jersey diaspora every 2-3 months.

Sanjeev Singh, President of BJANA and FIA treasurer, was among the community leaders who participated in the event. He outlined the various activities of BJANA and FIA, emphasizing their commitment to community and charity work and their focus on promoting entrepreneurship and startups among the youth. Several other community leaders also shared their insights into their respective activities and addressed current challenges. Singh congratulated the new Consul General and expressed BJANA's full support for all initiatives undertaken by the Consulate.

The Consul General was receptive to the suggestions and offered visa camps for passports, OCI, or other consular services wherever there was a need. He also emphasized the importance of connecting with university student leaders, and local politics, and encouraged the community to get involved. The Consulate is committed to supporting students coming from India, especially in their first year, and is available to help with any emergencies. The Consul General and DCG also extended invitations to attend local community events. Finally, the Consul General expressed his gratitude for the community's efforts in supporting the Consulate.

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