BIHAR JHARKHAND ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA (BJANA) celebrated Holi, one of its trademark events at Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey. Close to 600 people from the Bihar and Jharkhand diaspora attended the event. This gathering of members from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut is a signature event for the BJANA family. People evidently awaited this event because the event invitation received a large number of responses before the registrations had to be closed.

Holi, the festival of colors, brings people together in a spirit of unity and joy as they celebrate the coming of spring as the regeneration of life and triumph of good over evil.

Honorable Binaya Srikanta Pradhan, Consul General of India, New York, was the guest of honor at this mega event. He thanked the BJANA team for inviting him to this major event and appreciated the work being done for the community. He also suggested how BJANA could help the Indian diaspora grow stronger and wished the crowd a very happy Holi. Deputy General Consul of India, Dr. Varun Jeph, also graced the event with his presence.

Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) Chairman Mr. Ankur Vaidya, along with Dr. Gitanjali Vidyarthi, Dr. Manjula Singh, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Keshav Prasad, and Mr. Ravindra Kumar, was honored for their outstanding contributions to the community.

Furthermore, Honorable Governor of Bihar Mr. Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar, Honorable Governor of Jharkhand Mr. C. P. Radhakrishnan, Honorable Chief Minister of Bihar Mr. Nitish Kumar, Honorable Chief Minister of Jharkhand Mr. Champai Soren, both the Deputy Chief Ministers of Bihar Mr. Vijay Kumar Sinha and Mr. Samrat Choudhary, and Bihar Chamber of Commerce President Mr. S. K. Patwari conveyed their heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the entire Bihar and Jharkhand community in the United States. BJANA thanked the dignitaries for sending their wishes.

The event witnessed the first appearance of a Guyanese chutney-soca artist - Terry Gajraj, who is popularly known as Guyana Baboo. It's a part of BJANA’s global connect initiative where they not only include people from the state (Bihar and Jharkhand) but also those who left the motherland a long time ago. Terry enthralled the audience with his rhythmic beats, his popular numbers, and a flavor of Caribbean music. Bihar and Jharkhand Tourism as well as products from both the states were also promoted at the event. The showcasing of a wide range of art and handicraft products at the event not only celebrated the rich historical heritage of Bihar and Jharkhand but also promoted the artistry and craftsmanship of the region.

Mr. Sanjeev Singh, the president of BJANA, addressed the audience and gave a presentation on BJANA’s fundraising efforts and its charitable programs. Mr. Singh acknowledged the invite accepted by Mr. Pradhan as this was his first visit to a BJANA event after his appointment as Consul General of India, New York, and his presence enriched the importance of the event. Mr. Singh also expressed gratitude to all the sponsors and donors to the charitable and social causes run by BJANA. Mr. Singh also acknowledged the presence of FIA President Dr. Avinash Gupta, Bihar Foundation USA East Coast chairman Mr. Alok Kumar, and BJANA’s immediate past president Mr. Anurag Kumar. Mr. Singh thanked Mr. Kumar for all his service during the last term.

BJANA set the stage for its golden jubilee celebrations as the organization will be turning 50 next year. The event witnessed the unveiling of a special logo for the Golden Jubilee milestone. It is a part of the organization's plan to organize grand celebrations and a mega event which will be a global Bihar and Jharkhand Conclave inviting all Bihar and Jharkhand Associations and communities in North America as well as from Bihar and Jharkhand, India.

The audiences were mesmerized by the Fagua (spring season) song medley that was performed by BJANA members as part of the event packed with guests and enjoyable cultural performances like teens fashion show, singing and dancing by children's and women's groups.

Attendees enjoyed the lucky draw, traditional Holi special food, and the cultural performances. Scholarship awards to meritorious students were also given out at the Holi event. The event also included the launch of the Holi special magazine Vaishali. The children who contributed to the magazine were appreciated and rewarded.

This Holi celebration by BJANA was a true embodiment of unity, cultural exchange, and inclusiveness, showcasing the rich traditions and talents of Bihar and Jharkhand. The event was a resounding success, leaving a lasting and enchanting impression on all those who had the privilege to attend.

Mr. Sanjeev Singh thanked the committee members and volunteers for their tireless efforts over the past few weeks to make this huge event a success.

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